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Our physical campus may be quiet, but our virtual campus is thriving!

Online learning continues for students. For virtual visit opportunities, please visit our Virtual Admissions Hub. For questions, email

Welcome to the Winchendon School

Are you looking for a school that "gets” you?  

Are you curious about the world around you?  Are you passionate about pursuing your potential?  If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, The Winchendon School wants to meet you. We love sharing our transformative community with young, curious adults.

Your teachers are your allies.  If there is one thing that can dramatically propel students toward academic success, it is their relationship with their teachers. Our academic environment is designed to foster one-on-one interactions that help students discover and thrive in their learning styles.

Find your passions.  Your teachers will give you frequent feedback that can jumpstart your current and future ambitions.  Our community will provide as many opportunities as possible for you to hone in on your dreams, from excelling in theater to founding a startup, or maybe both!

Learning beyond the classroom.  Grab ahold of opportunities to study independently, travel internationally, design businesses, and launch public service programs. We'll be right there with you, building your skills and confidence to tackle anything ahead.

Don't Sweat Application Deadlines and Test Dates.  The right time to find a better high school is now - when you are ready - not when someone who doesn't even know you says so.  Don't worry about whether you missed a deadline.  We are focused on getting to know you.

Let’s start with a conversation.  Contact the Admissions Office for more information or, better yet, go ahead and schedule a visit and see where it leads you.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours truly,

Boarding School Open House


John Toffey, Director of Admissions