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How is Winchendon different and better for you than most other high schools?

Your teachers will guide and support you in achieving your very best by providing you with a highly engaging and individualized high school experience.   We are committed to helping you achieve success not just in the classroom, but in all aspects of your high school experience--academic, competitive, leadership, creative, athletic and social.   In order to deliver on this commitment we do certain things very differently than most other high schools.

Your high school education will be shaped in large part around you – your interests and passions.   Sure, there will be the basics that will support your learning – great writing and expression skills, strong problem solving and thinking skills.

But then there will be all sorts of your program that will be designed around your interests. For example, do you:

  • Have a deep interest in engineering or architecture?
  • Want to be a jazz musician or an actor, learn to animate comics, or be a digital videographer?
  • Play high-level sports, or participate in Robotics, Model UN, or debate team?
  • Maybe you are most interested in getting job experience, or serving the community?
  • Or more likely, some combination of the above.

Few if any other high schools can support your individual goals and passions while providing you an exceptional education and ensuring that you are well prepared to excel at college and in the workplace.

Try us!  In recent years, we have had one student studying anthropology and evolutionary biology, another studying demographic trends in Japan, yet another learning web-design while pursuing a passion for Nerf Blasters, and a several more building social networks, among a number of other business endeavors.

Difference #1 It Starts With You, the Individual Student

Yes, we have classrooms, but at any given moment, you and your fellow students will just as likely be off learning somewhere in the community than sitting in a traditional classroom.  Our micro-classes, which average 8 or fewer students per teacher, provide the flexibility to get out of the classroom and into the streets, where often the most meaningful learning occurs.  A good classroom is only the entryway to the world beyond our campus.

Our local community and beyond will be your classroom, your playing field, your lab, your stage, your studio, your workplace – the canvas and screen for your individual story and high school experience.

Difference #2 Our Ideas About Classrooms Are Very Different

With a micro class of 7-9 students in most of your courses, you will have the opportunity to get to know your teachers really well – and they will know you well.  

  • Are you a quiet or shy student? There will always be room at the table for your voice.   
  • Ever have trouble starting complex assignments?  Your teacher will understand that about you and will be there to help.
  • Understand a book better when you listen to it rather than just read it?  Our teachers will help certain students access audio books to promote understanding and foster success.
  • Better talking through ideas, or drawing them, rather than writing them down?   Your teachers will recognize this too, and support you in getting better and better at organizing and expressing your ideas.

All Winchendon teachers are trained in understanding and supporting the different ways that students learn.  It is a priority for all of us to help each and every student reach their full potential.

Difference #3 Our Micro Classes Empower You

Do you think that you are a good candidate for taking college-level calculus, studying Irish literature or Arabic, learning multiple coding languages, or tackling AP Physics? If there is a course that we don’t offer, we’ll help you find it. This may be through our partnership with the Hybrid Learning Consortium, which a number of Winchendon students have used to take courses through, or in conjunction with one of the colleges and universities right in our neighborhood.  

And the opportunity for individualized learning isn’t just in the classroom.  Your aspirations may be on the court or on the playing field, in the workplace, on the stage, or even in the “cloud”, but your Advisor and others on the Winchendon team will make sure that you have the opportunity to pursue your aspirations in every arena through your personalized Winchendon program.

Difference #4 We Will Support You in Reaching as High as You Can Go

  • Aiming to play NCAA Division I sports or higher?
  • Think that you want to try to be a professional dancer, actor or musician?
  • Ready to be the next fast-track entrepreneur?

Winchendon recognizes the importance of integrating these personal interests into your education.  Our program is structured to provide you with the flexibility and time to pursue your passions to the highest level.  Whether it is creating the time to participate on a select team, practice with a top-level artist, or interning with a local start-up, you will be supported in these pursuits – and it will be part of your Winchendon education.

Difference #5 Pursue Your Passion for Sports or the Arts to the Very Highest Level

One of the most important aspects of becoming a successful student is to always understand how you are doing.   “Where I am doing well?” “What do I need to work on?” No one can expect you to do better if you don’t have a clear sense of how you are doing right now – not four weeks from now, or at the end of the term.

Every week, Winch students reflect on on their recent work and consider their successes and struggles. And every week, your teachers will read, reflect, and respond to your self-reflection – so that you know whether you and your teachers are on the same page.  This will make it easier for you to be more successful.

Why? Self-reflection is critical to success.  It doesn’t matter whether you aspire to be an inventor, to serve your community, to be a star athlete, or to grace the stage–none of us can be our best if we don’t learn the art of both self-reflection and processing feedback from others.

Difference #6 Regular Self Reflection and Feedback is Critical to Your Success

Most students have to make a choice between going to a school with a big campus and lots of facilities and space in the country, or going to school in the city. At Winchendon, you get the best of both worlds. Live and learn in one of the world’s greatest cities, but enjoy the opportunity to head to the rural campus in MA for special programs, events and courses. Or, come take advantage of the facilities, space and beauty of the MA campus, knowing that when you need your urban fix, you can easily head to NYC or Boston for workshops, events and other programs. Some students may even choose to study on both campuses before the end of their high school careers. Access to multiple candidates will make your high school education more interesting.

Difference #7 One School - Two Campuses