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"How Can I Get My Name on a Student Center?"

Learn about naming opportunities and take an in-depth look at the Student Centers by downloading our brochure here.

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Better Serving A Diverse Community of Students With A Broad Array of Interests

As we approach 2020, we're looking forward to celebrating The Winchendon School's 100th anniversary in 2026 with the most exciting new building projects at Winchendon in the last decade. The goal is to create a series of student centers across the campus in order to meet the diverse interests and evolving needs of our student body.

The (Unnamed) Student Lounge - (West Wing/Ford Lobby)

A sanctuary for quiet reading/study, talk, and reflection.

With new furnishings oriented to quiet study and individual and small group relaxation/work - while also still serving limited reception needs.

“As a day student parent, I am thrilled with the plan to create a variety of different areas where day students can “land” during their day as well as hang out with their boarding friends.” Jessica Heinzer P ‘14, ‘22

The (TBA Spring 2020) Student Center - (Marr Library/Arts Room)

A “hangout”, incorporating indoor and outdoor areas.

1. For relaxing, playing games, enjoying a snack, or just being with friends.
2. A multi-phase project creating a larger, very comfortable gathering area complimented by large patios to the east and west.

“There are times when I want to have fun with a bunch of friends, times when I want to make a little music or watch friends game, and moments which I just want quiet.” Hailey Guzman ‘20, Student Body Co-President

The (Unnamed) Music Studio - (Currently Posich Student Center)

A performing arts space for music- classes, groups, and individuals.

Creation of space that works well for group practices, spontaneous evening jams or recording sessions, and Friday night open mic gatherings. Improvements would include lesson room, secure instrument storage, and mixing and recording equipment.

"We want to develop a space that fosters a love of all things musical, whether it is a classical cello lesson or a group of kids suddenly thinking that they want to make some music. This space would support this wonderfully.” Fiona Byrne, Performing Arts Director

The (TBA - Spring 2020) Commons - (Open area between Marr, Rhoads and the Gym)

An outdoor, fire-pit and grill area for both casual and dorm/advisee gatherings.

Creation of a fire pit and grill areas with picnic tables and umbrellas, for small student gatherings, spontaneous picnics, and dorm and adviser group functions - and even classes on a beautiful day.

“The opportunity to create more varied gathering spots for the students without adding substantial additional square footage to maintain or supervise, and at limited capital expense, is very compelling.” Alicia Jordan, Dean of Students

The (Unnamed) Digital Lab - (Merrell-Jaffe Basement)

A digital lab for multiplayer tournament play, programming, digital video and design.

Creation of a setting conducive for a game of Fortnite or Madden with friends, work on the creation of a new movie or solving a robotics or coding challenge with friends. Lots of bandwidth, big screens, and comfortable space for creating, work, and play.

“It would be great to have a place where we can get together to play games and make videos with better bandwidth - that is not in our dorms or McDonald’s.” Zhangbowei “Sim” Chen ’23

The (Unnamed) Grub Cart - (Mobile)

A mobile food truck/trailer to offer sustenance at all of these venues and others (athletic contests, Mountain Day, performances, etc.).

With multiple student centers, a mobile food platform will provide flexible catering and snack alternatives without the significantly greater expense in building and operating a fixed cafe/concession stand. Also creates student employment and fundraising opportunities.

“We need a flexible, creative way to bring good food and drinks to different parts of the campus. We could be having a pep rally at the gazebo on Thursday, a dance in Posich on Friday night, and game day on Saturday. A food cart would do the trick.” Danny Cavanagh ‘20

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