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The Learning Strategies Program
Students in our Learning Strategies (LSP) program are fully engaged in all aspects of Winchendon’s mainstream college prep program and benefit from the additional guidance of and coaching from a TWS Learning Strategist (LS) - with the goal of guiding them to graduate as independent, confident, and self-actualized learners - ready to succeed in college.


The Learning Strategies Program (LSP) 

Each student in the LSP program works with their dedicated Learning Strategist (LS).  The Strategist acts as a coach and advocate, guiding each student through the development and strengthening of key skills and habits including...

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Group 4
  • Reading comprehension
  • Annotating and note-taking
  • Outlining, writing, and editing practices
  • Organization, chunking, and scaffolding of major assignments
  • Core recall and retrieval strategies (eg. vocab or math facts)
  • Computational processes and reasoning
  • Addressing limited skill deficiencies and “gaps”
  • Self-advocacy and how to ask questions
  • Peer/teacher relationships
  • Appropriate and effective technology use
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and teamwork
  • Test preparation and taking
  • Being comfortable with “gray area”, the unknown, and change
  • Receiving, processing, and acting on feedback
  • Time management
  • Study skills
What Our Families are Saying

"Winchendon proves that school and learning can be exciting, interesting, and fun.  Our child is engaged and discusses what he has learned and is doing at school.  

Our worries and stress about his academic future have been alleviated since being at Winchendon.  The Winchendon experience has restored our child’s self-confidence, enthusiasm, and curiosities."

"It has helped his self-esteem. He enjoys it. He enjoys going to school. He sees a future.

He went from being tutored for a lot of his subjects to doing the tutoring himself."


Some students may only need to focus on a few of these, and others may want to work on a number of them over time.   The Learning Strategist works with a student and their family to develop and maintain a personalized plan for that student - which is the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

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