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5-Day Boarding at The Winchendon School

The best of both worlds.

Map depicts a 75-mile radius around The Winchendon School.

The Winchendon School’s five-day boarding option gives your family all the advantages of a boarding school with the added flexibility of weekends at home with family. For families living within 75 miles of our Massachusetts campus, students discover the opportunity to develop independence, discover dorm-life before college, and both students and families gain back valuable time during the week without the daily commute to and from school and after school practices. Five-day boarders are fully-integrated into campus life at The Winchendon School. Students stay on campus through any academic, athletic, or social commitments on Saturday (or Sunday). Students may leave after their commitments and should be back on campus for Sunday evening study hall, or Monday morning with school permission.

Why Should Your Family Consider Five-Day Boarding?

Our flexible five-day boarding program gives students the option of staying on campus until all of their academic, athletic, and social responsibilities have been met each week. However, unlike other schools, we don’t require five-day boarding students to leave campus on Friday and return on Sunday. Our flexible policy works around the student’s schedule.

Why The 5-Day Boarding Program Makes Financial Sense.

Priced at, or below many of our competitors’ day student tuition rates, the 5-day boarding program gives students the structured independence they need to be well-prepared for college, and parents the peace of mind that their child(ren) is getting a great college preparatory boarding education at affordable tuition close to home. 

(Download the fact sheet for detailed information.)


Five-Day Boarding FAQs

Find out more. Read our FAQs about five-day boarding at The Winchendon School then listen to parents of five-day boarders talk about their family's experience and why boarding may be the right choice for your family. 

5-Day Boarding Facts and Tuition

5-Day Boarding: Listen To Parents

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