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July 1, 2020

Dear all,

The upcoming year will be a time when we have to continue to come together as a community, no matter the circumstances.  Going into the 2020-2021 academic year, unless we are told by the state of MA that we have to change our plans, we will be returning to on-campus learning this fall with the hope of having at least 75% of our students with us. We will be announcing our specific return to school information on Monday, July 13th at 6:00 p.m. at the Parent Town Hall Zoom Meeting.  

Currently, an administrative team is working on our COVID-19 return to campus plan, which will map out our policies and procedures.  Overall, the committee has established the following guiding principles to help determine a plan rooted in safety for all:

*Reduce the risk of virus transmission in our community.
Keep as many people healthy as possible, protect the most vulnerable, care for the sick, and at risk. Use comprehensive infection control practices.

*Be vigilant, compliant, conservative, and responsive as things evolve, while also having a creative approach to schedule, calendar, and program.
 Stay abreast of current public health and medical information, being prepared to pivot.

*Have a coordinated response across all areas of the school, keeping all constituents informed in mind.
Have a team approach, excellent communication, sound decision making that recognizes the unique circumstances of all constituents.

*Educate people to recognize individual responsibility and collective community needs through education engagement of community members.
Encourage and support all students, parents, faculty, and staff to cooperate, adjust behaviors, and buy into a new normal.

*Promote wellbeing to all students and employees; promote a sense of community to respond to this challenge in healthy ways. 
Establish and maintain support for those who need it, have regular check-ins for all in the community, and make time to connect.

In order to have students here with us, we will all have to adhere to a strict set of safety guidelines, and we will have to trust each other to uphold these community standards. With this in mind, we are creating a community agreement that we are asking all students and parents to sign.  Two main principles have guided our thinking and planning since the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to move to virtual learning this past March: prioritizing the health and safety of our school community, and providing the most Winchendon-like experience possible. 

Please reach out to Head of School Laurie Lambert at or Assistant Head of School Alicia Jordan at if you have questions.  



June 18, 2020

Dear Winchendon-Brooklyn families,
I hope this note finds you all well as I share a few brief notes.
Jared Magee is busy organizing class placement for our students, and while he has met with most returning students, will be looking to connect with a few of those he has yet to engage with, as well as with newly enrolled students and their families. Scheduling takes a great deal of time, but please be on the lookout for notes from Jared that will be coming in the next few weeks.
Enrollment for TWS summer school is also still in full swing. While Advantage classes are mostly closed, there is still some room in a few classes. Additionally, there is room to participate in Boost courses (which begin on July 6) or summer design colLAB. Please reach out to Jason Friedman at if you are interested, or feel free to connect with Jared to discuss how participation in a summer school class may factor into your personal academic plan. There are plenty of summer school opportunities external to Winchendon as well, and we would be happy to discuss any that you may be exploring.
On Tuesday, June 23 we will have a community town hall at 5:30PM. This is obviously not mandatory for families, but should serve as a good opportunity for us to come together as a community and start to discuss some of the points that I laid out in my previous email, including adjustments to the calendar, schedule, how we aim to support students when they are learning on and off campus, and the guarantee. I suspect there will be many questions and additional topics that come up, and will do my best to address them while keeping the session focused.
Lastly, in observance of Juneteenth, our school offices will be closed tomorrow so we can create a moment for learning, reflection, and action. We will be available next Monday to connect, and encourage you to reach out with questions and comments should they arise.
Our best to you and your loved ones.

Massachusetts Return to School FAQs



Dual Campuses

Director of Health Services
Marypat Velasco


Massachusetts Campus

Head of School
Laurie Lambert

Assistant Head of School
Kelly Harris


New York City Campus

Head of School
Sean Duncan
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