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In the first half of the 21st century,
what really defines an
“exceptional high school campus”?

In the 19th and 20th centuries , great campuses were defined by bricks and mortar - edifices and ivory towers.

In the 21st century, the best campuses have to provide students with something very different: a place--an oasis--where students will...

  • feel safe and well-supported to take intellectual risks, explore new ideas, and learn to collaborate with others.
  • be closely connected to the world beyond the campus - the local community, the rest of the region and country, and even the rest of the world.  This fosters growth in teens as citizens - being part of something much bigger than a school or a class.
  • have access to world-class educational resources.

Every Winchendon student benefits from being part of a school that has multiple campuses, each of which is well situated, in its own way, to deliver exceptionally on the three qualifications outlined above.   

The School’s flagship campus in Winchendon, MA serves boarding and day students in grades 9-12 and PG.  The picturesque setting and extensive facilities provide a very safe environment while also enjoying easy access to Boston, Providence, NYC, and the rest of the northeast.  The close proximity and good transportation options allow families from Boston to Springfield and from Providence to Portsmouth to consider a the five-day boarding option and regularly enjoy a meal, event, or contest with their students.

The NYC satellite campus is in the heart of Brooklyn, within walking distance of some of the world’s great resources, including universities and libraries, athletics and arts facilities, museums, and potential employers.  The NYC campus is also very closely connected with our local neighborhoods through our partnership with the CDSC (Child Development Support Corporation),

One School, Two Campuses

One School Two Campuses L2 Stud Diff

Winchendon, MA

Nestled on several hundred acres of fields and woods, but within walking distance of town, Winchendon’s flagship campus is a great place for students to find the “space” they need to flourish, while also keeping them connected to the world around them.  All academic and other major facilities have been either newly built or significantly refurbished within the last dozen years. The town of Winchendon offers a range of shops and food within walking distance, and Boston is just over an hour away to the east.  

Brooklyn, NY

Winchendon’s NYC campus is purposefully located in the center of Brooklyn, in a building owned by the CDSC, a long-time provider of services for the BedStuy, Clinton Hill and Fort Greene neighborhoods.  Students can be tackling quadratic equations or the next draft of an essay one period, and 10 minutes later, moving downstairs to help in the food pantry or the hydroponic garden. With a subway stop less than 200’ from our door, commuting and access to all of NYC is easy.

Perhaps most importantly, having multiple campuses benefits potentially every student (and teacher) at Winchendon. Study in MA, but interested in participating in a program in NYC? MA students have already been to NYC for ColLABs, independent projects, and leadership workshops.  The NY students were recently in MA for Mountain Day and college counseling workshops. Multiple campuses significantly increase the opportunities for every student.