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If your high school experience is like that of most other Winchendon students, some of the best memories and greatest learning will occur in activities you never planned on participating in. This is where some of the most important and long-lasting connections will be made, and where new doors will open for you.

Whether you have one, two or three more years … at The Winchendon School, I cannot emphasize how valuable our community is and how much you need to take advantage of it.   You have the opportunity to fall completely on your face and have 250 people help you stand up. Mistakes are encouraged, not criticized. With this in mind, I challenge you.  I challenge you to do one thing that scares you each day. You will never believe how far this simple concept will take you. 

-Sophie J. TWS ‘18, Babson College ‘22

Will you be …?

...the shy student who becomes active in student government and is then elected as one of the School’s leaders?
...the reader who finds her inner entrepreneur through ColLAB independent projects and internships?
...the athlete who becomes a much stronger, more disciplined, and more successful competitor - but also finds many new interests and strengths?
...the anxious teen who becomes an entrepreneurial sensation?
...the gamer who morphs into a lacrosse goalie?
...the tech whiz who discovers politics through Model UN?
…the "Goth" who unleashes her amazing writing potential?
...the three-sport “jock” who becomes the lead in the play?
...the actress who lands an internship in astrophysics?
...the quiet kid who finds his voice in a cappella?
...the “geek” who discovers real teamwork through robotics?
...the outspoken one who finds empathy through the GSA activities?
...the reserved “observer” who discovers his natural leadership potential through Service Learning?
...or, the student who questioned whether he or she  was “college material” and is now thriving at a top college or university?

These are all descriptors of recent Winchendon students and alumni.
What do you hope your high school experience will be?

Coffee Houses
Rock Climbing
Triathlon Training
Fundraiser for Puerto Rican Relief
Model UN
Video Gaming
Student Government
A Cappella
Bird Watching
Jazz Club
Math Team
Ukulele Club
COT (Community Outreach Team)
Women In Stem

What Activity or Club Do You Want To Start?

A new initiative may start as you and your friends are chatting at lunch, or while talking with a teacher after conference, or while walking downtown to get snack...and then you find that there are others who might be interested in the same thing.   Or someone makes an announcement at morning meeting. Or, your roommate or a friend in your advisory group talks you into trying something new.

“Bird Watching Team,” you ask?   Are there really people interested in birdwatching --and a team doing that?  Well, most of the team members didn’t know they would be interested until they joined some of their friends--and a very charismatic teacher--and now it’s very popular!   Bet you never knew that it could be fun working with a group of friends to spot a Red-bellied Woodpecker! Perhaps one of the team will decide to pursue a career in ornithology at somewhere like Cornell - but now, it is just a group of friends enjoying the outdoors and learning something while having fun.

We know not everyone has the same goals and interests.  We have the structure and flexibility to fit your needs and help you pursue your own chosen path after Winchendon, whether it’s playing D1 sports, studying business or engineering, pursuing liberal arts, or traveling the world. Winch students go on to attend many top colleges and universities before getting into some pretty dynamic careers or starting interesting businesses and organizations.